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I’ve had the hardest time (and still do) picking out the main theme color for my wedding. Almost every wedding looks pretty! Colorful weddings have their own beauty and so does pastel toned weddings.

However, when I started to eliminate the colors that I do not like to use for my wedding -green, orange, blue, black, purple, red- it came down to yellow & pink. If it’s going to be yellow, then it’s gonna be a bold and bright yellow. If I choose pink, it’s going to be a pastel toned.. maybe even a peach/blush. I didn’t really want to choose pink though because it is such a common color for so many weddings. However, it looks like I’m leaning more towards pink as I look at more photos – I mean there is a reason why so many people choose that color, right? haha


Below is a real good example of romantic pink wedding. What I like the most out of this wedding is the color combination: pink and cream – how pretty are those bridesmaids dresses? For more photos, click here.

Michigan Wedding Film

Michigan Wedding Film 2

Michigan Wedding Film 3

Michigan Wedding Film 4

Michigan Wedding Film 5