Two {birds}


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I’ve seen many many wedding photos and videos but Jenn & Daniel wedding, which I found on StyleMePretty, is super super cute! This is actually close to my ideal wedding now that I think about it.

Pastel pink theme, pretty red heart balloons, cute photo booth, the table setting, and the night lights during reception.. everything is so cute!!!!!!

I don’t know if I would be able to do an outdoor wedding like that but.. it’s definitely on my wish list!


Romantic {Pink/Cream} Wedding


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I’ve had the hardest time (and still do) picking out the main theme color for my wedding. Almost every wedding looks pretty! Colorful weddings have their own beauty and so does pastel toned weddings.

However, when I started to eliminate the colors that I do not like to use for my wedding -green, orange, blue, black, purple, red- it came down to yellow & pink. If it’s going to be yellow, then it’s gonna be a bold and bright yellow. If I choose pink, it’s going to be a pastel toned.. maybe even a peach/blush. I didn’t really want to choose pink though because it is such a common color for so many weddings. However, it looks like I’m leaning more towards pink as I look at more photos – I mean there is a reason why so many people choose that color, right? haha


Below is a real good example of romantic pink wedding. What I like the most out of this wedding is the color combination: pink and cream – how pretty are those bridesmaids dresses? For more photos, click here.

Michigan Wedding Film

Michigan Wedding Film 2

Michigan Wedding Film 3

Michigan Wedding Film 4

Michigan Wedding Film 5

{New} beginning


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We dated about 3 and a half years when we were in college- to be exact, 1260 days lol Then we were broken up for about a year..

How we got back and all that is another story.. but the point here is that this time we are really serious about our relationship = we have set our minds to get married :)

I’ve been following wedding blogs long before I met him again. And the thought of preparing my own wedding got me super excited that I just can’t stop looking up the wedding stuff! Well, no he didn’t propose to me yet and we are not officially engaged either but planning ahead never hurts. Oh boy, there are so so many things to plan! Every little details have to go through me..

So after few weeks of just bookmarking the other people’s wedding photos, I thought why not start a wedding blog so that everything that I want to keep are in one place? It will make my planning so much easier later when it really comes- Not gonna be an original wedding blog but just collection of posts from other blogs though, of course.

So here are quick notes that I came up with while thinking about the wedding for last few weeks:

  • $$$: Average American wedding cost is about $30,000. I want to show that I can have a pretty wedding with lower budget. Of course that means we would have to make and do lot of works ourselves but maybe it can save us a lot of $$. But then.. our guest list is not gonna be small so we will see!
  • Theme: You can have a luxury wedding, vintage, rustic, whimsical, or indie wedding. However, I noticed that I like simple, classic, and romantic weddings the best. Also, most likely I will choose between yellow or pink for the main color. Well, I guess this could change a bit as I do more research and plan in more details.
  • Flower: I thought I will get a tulip bouquet since that is my favorite flower. However, after looking up so many different bouquets, I realized I like peony much- it’s actually now one of my favorite flowers. It looks good whether it’s in bloom or not. Tulip is still on the list though. Hmm we will see!
  • Dress: Even though I like the classic, simple look- I also have to consider my body shape. So I would probably go with a strapless, A-line dress. I will discuss more in detail later.
  • Cakes: I like round cakes. I would probably get 3 layered cake – two bottom layers could be fake. Since I am a big dessert/bakery girl, I am going to have much more cakes and cupcakes anyways. Will share the details that I have in mind later!
  • Guest list: Both of us have quite a big of friends and so are our parents. That means it’s not gonna be a small wedding. Our guess is maybe 300 guests? So planning around that many people is important.
Hmm OK. That’s it for now. It would all change a lot as I really start to plan I guess. So here we goooo :D